Institutional clients

Area Mercati
Dealing in financial instruments is entrusted to our large Area Mercati sector, which manages the Bank’s capital flows and enables us to have a uniform, active, high quality presence on the Swiss and international markets. To support the foreign exchange, treasury and stock market activity carried out on the international market we provide a service that aims to maintain and develop relationships with Swiss and foreign banks. Establishing our own Swiss funds has led us over the years to take on the role of depositary bank for 23 Swiss investment funds of different types: bond, equity, hedge funds of funds and offshore funds.
SIX Swiss Exchange e Eurex
We are direct members of the Swiss Electronic Stock Market. This solution is designed to provide links with other international electronic markets and in particular to extend the benefits we can offer our corporate and financial intermediary clients. Since 1999 we have also been members of Eurex.
Evening and
holiday cover
We offer our services to our institutional clients until 22.15 and on public holidays.
Online services
We offer systems that provide access to financial data, order transmission and portfolio monitoring tools, as well as detailed reporting. We offer tailored solutions through Cornèrlink e Cornèr Data Feed.

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